Iman Ali Just Got Married [Pictures]

She went with an all yellow look!


Iman Ali’s wedding celebrations move on with her Mayoun. Plus she got Nikkahfied at the Mayoun. While we’re still on the lookout for more details the pictures are stunning.

A giggly and bashful Iman Ali got Nikkahfied at her Mayyoun. This is not a drill based on how serious the Qazi is, and those three words change everything.


Much like her pre-wedding preparations and Dholki the Mayoun was a star-studded affair.

Abid Ali wife Humaira Ali at Iman Ali's Mayoun

Syed Jibran at Iman ALi Mayoun

Urwa Hocane , Iman Ali mother Humaira Ali and others at Iman Ali Mayoun

Iman Ali fiance Baber Bhatti at her Mayoun

Designer Ehtisham Ansari at Iman Ali Mayoun

Tich Button producer Urwa Hocane at Iman Ali Mayoun

Actress Urwa Hpcane at Iman Ali Mayoun

Iman Ali Mayoun

The Mah-e-Mir actress had a pretty filmy Mayoun.


So filmy that even her full Mayoun outfit looked like something from her performance as Anarkali in the Ishq Mohabbat Apna Pan music video.


We finally got to see the dance performances her friends had been prepping for. Choreographer Gohar Hayat posted videos and pictures of the stars getting down to the dance routines he had put together.


Iman Ali is Getting Married and We Finally Know Who Her Fiance is

A giggly Iman Ali was actually blushing. The Bol actress proves that being bashful at your wedding is totally okay.

Even the groom got in on all the dancing.


Iman Ali Holds a Star-Studded Dholki [Pictures]

Gohar Hayat was posting most of the insights. Actress Zoya Nasir pitched in too.



News of Iman Ali tying the knot first surfaced in January when Pakistani designer Hassan Shehryar Yasin posted a video of friends practicing dance routines with Gohar Hayat for the wedding.

Hours later Iman Ali spilled the beans on who this lucky guy is. Turns out the filmy heroine is marrying the grandson of a real Pakistani hero Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed.

Babar Bhatti is heir of Pakistani hero and Nishan-e-Haider recipient Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed.

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