Iman Ali Reveals How She Never Said Goodbye to Abid Ali [Video]

A daughter reminisces about her father’s final days.

The loss of legend Abid Ali was a tragedy for Pakistan’s entertainment industry, but an even bigger loss for his family. While plenty of people from the biz opened up about Abid Ali’s death, his family didn’t speak until now. Recently, Iman Ali opened up about losing her father.

In a recent interview with Iffat Omar, Iman Ali opened up about her father’s illness and the trauma the family experienced.

Abid Ali - Iman Ali
Abid Ali with 1st wife and daughters Iman and Rahma

The Bol actress revealed the real reason behind her father’s death was negligence. He had liver problems for years. But he let himself go after his second marriage.

“We didn’t meet him much after his second marriage and nobody ever told us anything. Had he been living with us, we would have taken him for regular checkups because he had a liver problem many years ago, when I was still too young. Perhaps his problem had gotten worse because he hadn’t had regular checkups,”

Abid Ali - Iman Ali
Iman Ali with her father


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She teared up about how she hadn’t seen him in years till her wedding.

“We met  on my wedding and it was the first time in years that I really got close and bonded with my father. Then my younger sister got married and perhaps he thought it was best to not disturb our lives.”

Iman Ali detailed the frustration of not being able to know about their father’s worsening condition. Turns out after his second marriage to Rabia Noreen, both father and daughters were hesitant to intrude in the others’ life. They didn’t realize how they both needed each other. They didn’t even get to say their last goodbyes.

“When I reached, my dad’s wife had already send his dead body to the mosque. They didn’t let me in but one of my friends intervened and insisted that his daughters had the right to see him, at least for the last time.”


In The Dark

The distance between the family was why the daughters were not aware of Abid Ali’s deteriorating health. While people must go when it is their time, that still doesn’t excuse taking away the family’s father-daughter moments.

Even when they met at her wedding, Iman Ali said they had just assumed he was tired from work.

“He seemed a bit weak on my wedding but I assumed it was the work load since he had been doing too many plays. Then I got busy after my wedding. I met him on Eid and after two weeks he was in an absolute worse condition. We were informed at the very end. ”



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Iman Ali - Abid Ali
Abid Ali and his 2nd wife Rabia Noreen

They were never welcome at their father’s house in Karachi so they couldn’t check up on Abid Ali.

The daughters were kept in the dark until the end. They didn’t even know that their father was undergoing treatment in Lahore.

“We weren’t even informed. My dad was in Lahore, at my aunt’s house, getting himself treated at Shaukat Khanam. It was a month from my wedding and when we met him later, his condition had gotten worse.”

The Khuda Kay Liye actress said this pain didn’t end. Just when she was rekindling her relationship with her father after her wedding, she lost him forever.


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