Imran Abbas Calls Out ‘Toxic’ Talk Show Culture

“Why is it important for our interview shows to insult and humiliate other actors?”

Renowned actor, Imran Abbas has called out talk hosts and channels for their ‘toxic practices’ used by hosts to generate ‘masala‘ content.

Imran took a stand against the prevalent toxic practices in today’s talk show culture, where hosts resort to insulting and humiliating other actors for the sake of entertainment. In a thought-provoking post on social media, Abbas questioned the need for such demeaning tactics and urged for a shift towards more meaningful and positive conversations.

The actor highlighted the disturbing trend of talk show hosts using derogatory language towards their guests and engaging in controversial discussions to gain attention and drive viewership. He cited examples of questions asked by hosts that belittle actors’ talents, criticize their appearances, and instigate controversies among celebrities.

He highlighted the issue by raising a simple question,

Why is it important for our interview shows to insult and humiliate other actors?

Expressing his concern, Imran Abbas called on hosts to focus on more significant issues plaguing society or engage in discussions that are humorous yet respectful. He condemned the practice of cornering guests to speak negatively about other celebrities and emphasized that this should not be the only way to create buzz around their shows.

Moreover, Abbas highlighted the audacity of some hosts who discuss celebrities’ personal lives, religious beliefs, and judge their work without having any significant achievements of their own.

He urged fellow actors to refrain from participating in such shows, as it only adds fuel to the fire of negativity prevalent in society and social media.

The actor appealed to his colleagues to set an example by avoiding such platforms and encouraged them to uphold morals and ethics while appearing on screen as guests or hosts. He emphasized that successful and accomplished individuals are busy focusing on their own journeys and don’t engage in negative talk about others.

Imran Abbas’s statement resonated with many in the entertainment industry, with fellow actors and fans praising his stance against the toxic talk show culture.

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