Imran Khan and Jemima Goldsmith’s Son Kasim Starts His Own Company

Jemima couldn’t be more proud of her son.

Jemima Goldsmith is one proud mama as she revealed her son, Kasim Khan, has launched his very own marketing platform.

The young businessman, born to Jemima and the iconic cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, has officially unveiled his venture, Mifu Marketing, along with the launch of the company’s marketing app, Mifu.

Kasim Khan’s foray into the business world marks a significant step in his journey towards making a name for himself beyond the shadows of his illustrious lineage. Co-founding Mifu Marketing, Kasim aims to facilitate connections between influencers and brands through the innovative Mifu app.

Jemima Goldsmith, the proud mother, shared the news on social media, accompanying the announcement with pictures of herself alongside her accomplished son.

Her post exuded maternal joy as she expressed her pride, stating,

So proud of my boy Kasim Khan for the launch of Mifu marketing & the MIFU app connecting Influencers with brands.

The launch of Mifu Marketing is a testament to Kasim’s entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to carving out his niche in the business world.

The app is poised to become a platform where influencers and brands can seamlessly collaborate, tapping into the dynamic world of marketing in the digital age.

While Kasim’s accomplishments are undoubtedly cause for celebration, the joy may be bittersweet for his father, Imran Khan, who is currently facing a challenging time.

Imran Khan, the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), is currently incarcerated on corruption allegations made by the sitting government. Jemima’s reference to his absence in the celebratory message sheds light on the family’s difficult circumstances.

Imran Khan, a cricketing legend and influential political figure, has been at the center of political turmoil. His arrest earlier this year has been a subject of controversy, with claims of political pressure from rivals.


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