UK Visa Office in Karachi Accidentally Plays Adult Video on TV

The awkward moment went viral on Twitter.

In a highly embarrassing incident, the UK Visa Office at Gerry’s Visa Centre in Karachi has raised a few eyebrows.

Visitors waiting in line for their visa processing were in for an unexpected visual experience when a public TV screen at the official premises accidentally broadcasted an explicit adult video.

The incident unfolded as individuals queued up, clutching their travel documents and patiently awaiting their turn for visa-related proceedings. Little did they know that their visit to the visa office would take having them shouting “Astagfirullah!”

A Twitter user happened to be present at the scene and captured the entire incident on camera, sharing the viral footage online.

The clip opened with a glimpse into the routine scenes of a busy visa office in Karachi, with applicants diligently following the necessary procedures. However, the focus quickly shifted to a public TV, which seemed to have a mind of its own that day.

To the shock of the gathered crowd, the screen started displaying explicit adult content, leaving both men and women in an unexpected state of discomfort. Even a security personnel member, couldn’t escape the awkward atmosphere created by the unsolicited screening.

Here are a few hilarious reactions online.



The footage, now circulating on social media, showcases the cringe-worthy moments as the inappropriate content took center stage on the large screen.

After a brief period of disbelief and likely some uncomfortable laughter, the office staff sprang into action to rectify the situation promptly. The large screen was swiftly switched off, bringing an end to the unexpected visual detour.