Imran Khan’s Sons Sulaiman and Kasim Celebrate Birthday Of Stepsister Tyrian White [Video]

Jemima shared a snippet from the birthday party, where Tyrian is blowing birthday candles.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jemima Khan along with sons Kasim and Sulaiman celebrate the birthday of their stepsister, Tyrian White Khan.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Jemima shared a snippet from the birthday party, where Tyrian is blowing her birthday candles.

Tyrian White is allegedly the ‘secret’ daughter of Imran Khan. Her mother, Sita White had also said in her statement that Imran Khan is the father of Tyrian White while Khan has always denied being her father.

It is pertinent to mention that Sita White died in the year 2004 due to a heart attack.

However, Goldsmith considers Tyrian Jade her stepdaughter and keeps showing motherly gestures from time to time.

In 1992, Sita White gave birth to a daughter, whom she named Tyrian White. Tyrian’s father was a mystery, which she initially kept under cover, but later surprised everyone by revealing that the Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan is the father of her daughter.

Imran Khan denounced all the allegations and refused to accept Tyrian as his daughter, while Sita White filed a case against him. Pakistani PM always kept away from this matter and never appeared in court.

His argument was that he could not travel from one country to another due to his busy schedule. Not only this, he never publicly accepted Tyrian as his daughter. Due to this, not only his international image was tarnished, but it was also made a big issue in the politics of Pakistan.

When Sita was in a relationship with Imran, at that time she was married to an Italian photographer, Francesco, in 1986. It is said that because of Imran, the relationship between Sita and Francesco deteriorated and both of them got divorced.