Indian Doctor Gets COVID Vaccine Alone, Wife Roasts Him In Live Video

Lesson learnt – Never take a call on live camera!

doctor gets scolded

Delhi-based senior doctor, Dr K. K. Agarwal tried telling his wife that he got COVID vaccine alone, however, the consequences were dire. The funny part is that he was live on camera and the conversation was recorded by thousands of people.

In a video going viral on social media, cardiologist and Padma Shri recipient, Dr. K. K. Aggarwal, can be seen explaining to his wife that although he had already received the vaccine, she will get vaccinated afterwards.

Lesson learnt – Never take a call on live camera

As he took the phone call while addressing his live stream, the conversation can be heard clearly. He told his wife that he just went to check on the COVID vaccine for the whole family, but the staff urged him to get the shot, hence he accepted the offer. However, the explanation did not work as she kept saying, “Why couldn’t you take me with you?” and “Don’t lie to me.”



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Dr. Agarwal tried to end the conversation by saying that he was live on camera. But his wife was furious at him. The video has made several rounds on social media and is has garnered an amazing number of views on Twitter. So far, it has received over 21.8K likes and has been retweeted for more than 5.8K times.

As Indian media spoke to the medic, he shared that he was aware of the viral video and he is glad to provide people with a moment of levity in the tough times.

“While you may have enjoyed a laugh at my expense, at something which was nothing but my wife’s concern towards my health and safety, I would urge each of you to take the vaccine when you get the chance,” he had said.



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