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Indian Man Celebrates His Freedom with Gunshots, Gets Arrested Again

Don’t take freedom for granted kids.

If you think you are free to dance on My Desi Girl right in the middle of the street, you are wrong. Not only will it make a scene and disturb other people, but it will also put you in an embarrassing situation. Nobody wants that, right? Unfortunately this man from Agra, India thought he rules the world and made a rod for his own back by firing gunshots after being released from prison.


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Not learning from the past

Jimmy Chaudhary, a 35 year old convict, who was set out on bail, decided to celebrate his new-found freedom by firing gunshots. He later smashed a glass bottle on a street vendor’s head.

He also went on to share the video on his social media account which gained massive attention. Jimmy probably thought he was acting all cool and rowdy, but ended up grinding grains in prison.

A few days later, he was put behind the bars again. The police claimed that he was using contraband and that he had 20 other criminal records including attempts of murder, kidnapping, poisoning, robbery and theft.


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So kids, moral of the story – don’t act stupid just because you know how to. Your one crude act, can make things worse for you.


Written by Munazza Mehmood

Writer by day, biryani enthusiast by night. Completely drowned into the world of K-pop.


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