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Someone Threw A Shoe At Asim Azhar During His Concert [Video]

The popular singer’s fans are outraged by this rude behavior.

Asim Azhar promotes fan's art

Everyone’s favorite singer Asim Azhar is on tour throughout the country, performing live concerts for his wonderful fans. While most people love Asim and his music, however, there are some that are not big fans of the “Jo Tu Na Mila” singer.

In a recent live performance, a ‘fan’ threw his shoe at Asim Azhar! Luckily, the shoe missed but ended up hitting the singer’s unsuspecting guitarist.

Asim Azhar

Back On Tour

The son of Gule Rana is one of the most talented singers in the Pakistani industry. Since his return from the States, Asim expressed his delight of his nation-wide tour of Pakistan. In his Instagram he wrote:

“Today I start a very special journey with my team. My biggest & longest tour till now!! can’t wait to see you guys. #tour #pgc#usa”


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The singer performed to a roaring applause from his devoted fans but there were those that just wanted to mess with him. Check out this clip:

Who Threw The Shoe?

It is unclear what the motive behind the shoe was. Although, many people claim Asim as the Justin Bieber of Pakistan, so there’s that. However, Asim Azhar fans quickly took to social media to express their outrage over this behavior:


Not Cool Guys!

It is sad to see these kind of actions occur at a public event. Musicians put their heart and soul in their performances to entertain their fans. It is high time that people should learn to respect them and appreciate their hard work.


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Written by Sher Alam


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  1. extremely pathetic behavior, the person who did this didn’t caused any harm to Asim as we love & adore him more by the piece of gratitude he showed by still standing there & continuing his performance, rather than throwing the shoe back at that shitty piece of disappointment out there.
    This stupid act only shows that shitty person’s own limited education & shameful upbringing.

    that piece of shit shouldn’t have had come at the concert in the first place. but i wonder how much the amount of his hatred and envy would be which compelled him to pay 2k or 3k for the concert ticket just to get there and throw a shoe at him…such a retard…

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