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Indian Man Gets Almost 200 Calls from Sunny Leone Fans Daily

It all started when Sunny Leone dictated his number in her latest film.


Bollywood fans are vital for celebrities to survive. They often contribute to their popularity (and box office receipts). But sometimes, these fans tend to go too far. These fanatics (not fans) end up inviting trouble for themselves and others.

A similar incident occurred lately when a young man from Delhi complained that he has been getting harassed by the fans of Bollywood star Sunny Leone.

Sunny Leone Fans Harass a Man

27-year-old Puneet Agarwal says that he has been receiving around 150-200 calls every day by fans of Sunny Leone.


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According to him, all this started when the B-Town actress’ latest film ‘Arjun Patiala’ flashed his number on screen. That was the beginning of Agarwal’s nightmares.

“On July 26, after the release of the movie, I started receiving calls from unknown people asking me to let them talk to Sunny Leone.”

Initially, Arjun remained under the impression that someone was playing a prank on him, but it continued to get serious.

“Later, I got to know that the makers of the movie have actually used my number. Sunny Leone’s character in the movie dictates my number.”


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Planning to Take Legal Action

He said he was planning to take legal action against the harassers who call him day and night.

In an allusion to the Bollywood’s star previous career, Agarwal says that these callers are lewd and obnoxious in their demands most of the time.

“I am being harassed by many callers. People are abusing me and asking me to do dirty favors.”

Agarwal said he had registered a complaint with the police but failed to see any progress on the issue from them. One hopes he changes his number altogether, but this is easier said than done given how lethargic telecom companies are.

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