Kareena, Saif Furious After Taimur Ali Khan Gets Compared to Sunny Leone’s Son

People found striking resemblance between the two kids and started making judgment.

taimur-ali-khan and asher

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s son Taimur Ali Khan is without a doubt one of the cutest Bollywood kids around.

He is adored and loved for his innocent looks. In fact, word is that he would make his Bollywood debut with his mom soon.

The flip side of being a famous celebrity is that you’re bound to attract paparazzi, and it gets even trickier when people begin to pass judgments.


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People Are Now Comparing Taimur Ali Khan with Asher

However, this stardom has probably gone too far as people have now started to pass judgments.

Recently, online peeps started to compare Taimur with actress Sunny Leone’s son Asher.

It all started when Sunny was spotted in Mumbai, holding one of her two sons. Their picture, shared by a showbiz journo on Instagram, went viral. People started pointing out the striking resemblance between the two kids.




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Some of the mildest comments on the photo were these:

  • “Hahaha, I thought why she is holding Taimur lol.”
  • “Looks like Tim Tim.”
  • “Tough competition for Taimur Ali Khan.”
  • “Ye to Taimur ka Bhi baap hai.” (He looks better than Taimur.)
  • “Apke bete ne to Taimur ko Bhi peeche chor diya.” (Your son has left Taimur behind.)
The sons and their moms. // Picture Credit: Pinkvilla

Kareena and Saif Are Not Too Thrilled

This got Taimur’s parents amply angry. According to a source who is close to Saif,

“They are exhausted by the constant media scrutiny of their son. They would like nothing better than to keep their son away from the limelight. But the problem is they can’t ask the photographers to buzz off. Saif feels they are only doing their jobs.”

Comments like that would anger any protective parent. Kareena and Saif are furious with the exaggerated media screening of their son. They are also not fans of their son being compared to other celebrities’ kids.

In an ideal world, people should leave these kids alone!



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Written by Raza Rizvi


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