Indian Man Stuck In Pakistan After No Response On His Wife’s Visa Application

He came to marry his cousin.

In the latest saga of love and separation, an Indian man finds himself in an agonizing predicament as he remains stuck in Pakistan due to a lack of response to his wife’s Indian visa application.

The Indian national, Muhammad Rizwan, belonging to Uttar Pradesh came to Pakistan along with his mother and grandmother to get married to his cousin, Sidra, in Gujranwala.

The newlyweds wanted to go back to India but the High Commission is not responding to the visa application of Rizwan’s wife.

Like many international couples, Rizwan submitted a visa application for Sidra to join him in India, specifically seeking a spouse visa. However, their aspirations quickly turned into a distressing ordeal as their application appeared to get lost in a bureaucratic maze. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, but there was no response from the Indian authorities regarding their visa request.

Rizwan told 24News TV channel that he wanted to go back to India and waiting for his wife’s visa. “We will leave Pakistan as soon as we get the visa,” he added. The Indian groom praising the hospitality of Pakistanis said that the people here are very loving.

Desperate for a resolution, Rizwan and Sidra reached out to their respective governments and sought support from various social organizations advocating for the rights of cross-border couples. They also shared their story with the media, hoping to garner public attention and support for their plight.

It is not the first time the Indian government delayed visa issuance. Recently they had not issued visas to any Pakistani media persons and cricket-lovers for the ongoing 2023 Cricket World Cup being played there.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had sent numerous reminders and even filed complaints to the International Cricket Council (ICC) but the visas were never issued.