Instagram Model Zainab Raza Under Fire For Using the N-Word

An ‘idiotic’ explanation for using a racist slur.

Zainab Raza

Someone shared a conversation with emerging Instagram model Zainab Raza and we are shocked. Zainab was seen defending the use of the ‘N-word’ and we’re really not OK with this.

Just when you think 2020 might be the year that people could become more sensitive and progressive, something like this happens. What’s worse than a public figure blatantly justifying racism as ‘having an open mind’?

It all started when a Twitter user came forward:



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That’s when people encouraged him to expose her.

This is how the conversation between a Twitter user and Zainab Raza landed in everyone’s Twitter feed.

Social Media Reactions

People then discussed how flawed and irrational the model’s justifications were. Zainab says that not using the N-word means you have a ‘closed mentality’?

Apparently, as per the leaked screehshots, we see Zainab Raza really justify using the N-word with the classic excuse:

“It’s okay because my black friends don’t get offended.”

There is actually a right way to approach the issue.

Things didn’t just end here. Zainab justifed her position by saying that ‘white people do it too.’ Don’t take it from white folks if it’s okay to use the N-word, because anyone who reads history will tell you that white people themselves invented the racial slur.

The ‘other people do it too’ argument didn’t sit well with netizens.


No one’s getting over the ‘listen to rap music’ rationale.


Some mentioned how this casual racism actually stems from ignorance. Then again an insta-model can surely use the Internet to read up on the subject after being called out.



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That’s when people brought up how this wouldn’t be the first time ill-informed choices landed Zainab Raza in hot water.


The distasteful ‘burger larki’ comments might have been harsh.


How does one get away with this for so long?


Since we are here, it should be mentioned that everyday Pakistanis also have no qualms with casual racism. The problem lies not with Zainab only but in all of us. From Pathan jokes to slurs used for religious minorities and trans-people, we have to go a long way to unlearn problematic terms.

While many Pakistanis do not call out racism in their own society, it is important to admit that we do have a problem. We can learn from this incident, and strive to do better.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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