Instagrammer Fatima Nasir Criticized for Insensitive Post on Hafeez Center Fire [Pictures]

She has apologized for her post.

Hafeez Center

Just two days ago, a raging fire engulfed Hafeez Center, Lahore, one of Asia’s biggest electronic markets. The raging inferno left many Pakistanis devastated – especially the business owners who lost millions due to the incident. Among the thousand shops there, almost 800 are recently reported to have been completely destroyed. Amidst all the chaos was also an Instagram influencer, Fatima Nasir, who posed in front of the fire that was unstoppable for almost 15 hours.

Instagram influencer Fatima Nasir recorded the day’s happenings and posted images from the sad event to her over 5,000 followers. However, her general ‘jovial’ mood and demeanor in those pictures have turned her into a target for netizens. They accuse her of being insensitive to the whole thing.

Fatima Nasir claims to be a musician and an athlete, and she also shares videos on her YouTube account. On Instagram, the influencer has over 5 thousand followers.

Here are the pictures of her that are doing rounds on social media:


Again, there’s nothing wrong in covering a disaster event. However, the following pictures portray a rather non-chalant attitude on part of the social media influencer. No wonder people are calling her out for being chill about an unfolding tragedy:

Fatima Nasir apologizes

After netizens attacked for being insensitive, ignorant, and rude, Fatima took to her Instagram account to apologize for her actions.

Here’s what she said:

I would like to sincerely apologise to all who got hurt by my post. I do feel bad for the ones who suffered losses during the devastating fire at Hafeez Center. I do realize that my photos have hurt the feelings of many and come across as insensitivity on my part. Please know that I mean no harm or hurt anyone. It it was a documentary you were shooting showcasing the current situation in Pakistan I was there to capture photographs of the incident as it unfolded. I was asked to go inside the fire perimeter to document everything in action on film. I had no intentions to make fun of anyone or anything there. My recent posts were offensive as I smile although I didn’t mean to make it look that way as if I was happy about it. Smiling was a reflex on my part and I’m sorry about it. Im sorry for putting them up at the wrong time and triggering the rightful sentiments. I shouldn’t have done that. Will share the whole picture story soon.



As to why she was unhindered during the emergency situation, Fatima explains that everyone was allowed on the premises, especially shopkeepers who were trying to salvage any of their shop’s belongings.

The influencer also deleted the pictures that caused a ruckus online. She has also made her public account private.

We hope other influencers take this as a lesson that no matter how big your social media reach is, the onus is on them to exercise responsibility on impressionable young minds.

Turning a public tragedy into a joke by smiling and posing in front of it will be taken as it is – an insensitive act. Fatima Nasir’s apology for posing in front of Hafeez Center sounds sincere, and we hope that the public forgives her.

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