Jannat Mirza and Waqar Zaka Have a Fight Over TikTok Ban [Video]

Two controversial stars fight over TikTok.

Since the ban on TikTok was imposed in Pakistan, there has been a lot of social media debates regarding the issue. The same way those debates have no end, it seems like Jannat Mirza and Waqar Zaka are sniping against each other non-stop.

The ban has been a hot topic for more than a week now. Leave it to the former Pakistani VJ Zaka to hit a nerve with his controversial opinions on hot topics and he won’t disappoint. This time it was Pakistani TikTok stars who came under the fire from Waqar Zaka. His detractors allege that he also made his name back in the day by being controversial, so why go after TikTok celebrities of today?



Waqar Zaka has no love lost for TikTokers

According to Waqar Zaka, he supported the resumption of PUBG in Pakistan for the sake of Esports and how much it contributed to the country’s economy. But he won’t do the same for the TikTok ban.

The host and YouTuber further added that TikTok stars are not the true representation of Pakistani talent. Adding that if they want to make these videos, they can do it on other social media apps other than TikTok.



When people started to attack him for his views, accusing him of being hypocritical, the host started posting reactions to TikTok videos on a daily basis. All of this did not sit well with Jannat Mirza, the only Pakistani female celebrity to have garnered 10 million followers on any social media platform in the country.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Jannat reminded Waqar that he has had a shady past and that videos from his ‘Living on the Edge’ days were still making rounds on social media. She continued to write that she’s done a lot of good but did not share it with the world.

Here’s what she said:



In response to her Instagram story, Waqar posted another video roasting the famous TikTok star. Let’s take a look:



It seems like this banter between Jannat Mirza and Waqar Zaka will go on for a while. Do you support Zaka? Or do you think that it’s a bit rich of him to lecture Mirza?

Stay tuned for more updates.



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  1. Always support waqar tiktok should be banned permanently and seriously miss jannat you’re not talented at all and I’m not speaking of jealousy which you so called superstars are always think, and tiktok is one of the vulgar app on planet earth so it should be banned completely. Thanks

    • Ma jannat Mirza ko support krti hn. Ye wakar sahab apna kirdar sahi kry pir ungli uthay. 900 chohy kha kr bill haj ko chali Wala kam na kry idiot 😣kesi b lerki ko gali deny k as jahil ko koyi haq nai. Resent ma nida Yasir na Jo kia ta os py ye to sahab kch nai bola ab kesi masom lerki k pechy q lega ha.jannat Mirza or as ghatiya admi ma zamem asman k farq ha apni harkaty sahi kry wrna kesi din apke maa behan ko koyi as sa b zyda ghatiya baty suny gai

  2. We are not supporting a specific personality but supporting humanity and “Haya” which you can’t see on tiktok. Tiktok is a Liberal agenda.

  3. I support jannat Mirza because waqar khud itni gandi videos lgataa ksii p ungli uthany Ka haq usko nhi hai .. jannat views aur fame ky liye itna nhi girri jitnaa k waqar…