Internet Reacts to High Court’s Move on Juhi Chawla 5G Lawsuit

But why did Juhi Chawla filed the petition?

Juhi Chawla

While being in the spotlight can put pressure on celebs to be better and use their platform wisely, that is not always the case. Recently Bollywood veteran Juhi Chawla filed a lawsuit to stop the installation of 5G across India.

The result? The Delhi High Court rejected her appeal. The top court did not entertain the petition for hearing, it also slapped the Kayamat Se Kayamat Tak actress with a fine. Juhi Chawla will now pay two million INR.

The top court reprimanded the move for being an ‘attempt to gain publicity.’ The self-dubbed environmentalist said she filed the petition out of concerns for the environment not out of anti-5G sentiment.

The Ishq actress asked the Court to call for research into radiation from 5G waves on human beings and other living organisms. Her petition sought certification from the concerned department that 5G technology is safe for humans and other living organisms, including animals and birds, not just for the time being but for the future as well.


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Of course, Netizens turned this into a troll fest.


Yes there were memes.\


While this might sound funny, deliberately spreading misinformation about technological advancement like 5G, that would deter public acceptance.


Additionally filing lawsuits about something you didn’t bother to do your research on is a waste of the Court’s time. There are several far more grave petitions that could have been heard in that time, with that tax money.


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What do you think about the whole ordeal? Should her concerns about 5G affecting the environment be entertained? One could argue that since 5G would operate under the same mechanism as existing cellular towers, what difference would it make?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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