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Inventors Make An Eco-Friendly Pen Out Of Newspapers and Seeds

The less plastic we produce, the less plastic waste we produce.

Two Indian guys made pens from newspapers to cut back on plastic and the Internet melted.

Prem Panday and Mohammad Ahmad Raza, two innovators based in Bhubaneswar, created pens out of newspaper and flower seeds to cut back on plastic waste. The less plastic we produce, the less plastic waste we produce.

The pen is made using newspapers, vegetables, fruit and flower seeds. So far they created two versions of the disposable pens.

For those wondering where do you get one? These pens are being sold through a start-up, Likhna. The inventors have come up with two versions of the pen cost INR 5 and 7 each.

The thing is they’re only available in India, Germany, and Australia. They’re working on bringing this to other countries.

“We’ve received good reviews for our pens, not only in India but also from Germany & Australia. These pens are available in their markets”

Why Pens?

Ahmad Raza and Prem Panday created this eco-friendly pen to cut back on plastic. However, their product is just at the prototype stage. These innovators have big plans to improve the product.

Prem told a local media outlet that currently the pen is not made from 100% biodegradable material. These pens contain a plastic refill but the body has been made with newspaper. Meanwhile, the body also has flower and vegetable seeds.

“We tried to make eco-friendly alternative of plastic pens, as plastic is harming our environment. These pens aren’t completely plastic free as they’ve a plastic refill, but body of the pen has been created from newspaper. Our next aim is to do away with plastic refill.”


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The duo intends to find an alternative to the plastic refill soon. Why did they need flower and vegetable seeds though? Md Ahmad Raza explained that since the pen is disposable, if you throw it away, it will germinate. This means you can plant these pens in soil safely.

“Unlike regular use & throw pens, people can discard these pens in a pot or soil and within weeks it will germinate into a plant.”

The Internet’s Budding Hearts

When news of this pen circulated on the Internet, people started budding hearts. From melting in admiration to sprouting praise.


Previously The Green Chapter was making eco-friendly, biodegradable pens that germinate in soil. They were a bit expensive though – costing a whopping 280 Indian rupees plus delivery charges.

via India Today

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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