Iqrar-ul-Hassan Apologizes For Supporting Ayesha Akram After Being Dubbed Traitor


Senior anchorperson and journalist Iqrar-ul-Hassan Syed is apologizing for supporting Ayesha Akram. As the TikToker is shrouded by controversy, the ARY News journalists also backtracked his support.

The Sar-e-Aam host went as far as apologizing to the nation of Pakistan for supporting Ayesha Akram. Especially since he’s being dubbed a traitor for supporting the TikToker. He said that he is deeply shocked to learn the reality of Ayesha Akram and Rambo.

In a video message, Iqrar-ul-Hassan said that at that time of the incident, keeping all the video evidence in mind he did what he thought was right to do. This raises the question of why physical evidence is being undermined by public perception surrounding the mass groping incident now.

However, the ARY News journalist continued that he really thought that Ayesha Akram was innocent. Adding that he would have done the same for any daughter of Pakistan.

The ARY News journalist pointed out how dubbing him a traitor for supporting a woman is extreme, not just unfair. He asserted how he could never think of tarnishing Pakistan’s image, and urged Pakistanis to forgive him.

Iqrar ul Hassan said that he can never be a traitor and urged Pakistanis to keep his lifetime’s worth of work in mind. The Sar-e-Aam investigative journalist has exposed the real criminals of Pakistan after putting himself in danger for eight years. He further extended his complaint to Ayesha Akram saying;

“Ayesha I called you sister and you did this to me, you could have asked me for money if you needed money, you did this all for money, I will forever be ashamed to call you sister”

He said that he supported her but after hearing the shocking call he is enraged and grief-stricken. It is pertinent to mention that at the time Iqrar-ul-Hassan said;

“I am thankful that Allah hasn’t blessed me with a daughter.”

Which caused rage amongst public. He further said that Yasir Shami is sick and he’s also worried about it.


Since the mass groping incident on Independence Day, there had been many conspiracy theories calling the crime a hoax. From calling it a staged attempt for attention, to a ploy to defame Pakistan. The videos and physical suggest otherwise. However, public perception in the matter seems to be swaying the case as Ayesha Akram also recently accused Rambo of staging the incident.

Meanwhile, Iqrar-ul-Hassan is being accused of supporting the TikToker for money. While some people went as extreme as to call him a traitor.

Written by Lens Staff


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