Is Aagha Ali Indirectly Dissing Sarah & Falak Over PDA On Social Media?

Aagha Ali irks netizens over his crude comments about other celebrities

In a recent interview, Aagha Ali shared why he keeps his married life away from social media. However, in doing so, he made some harsh comments about other celebrities which irked netizens.

Speaking with Urdu News, the actor shared his excitement about venturing into the direction. He revealed that his upcoming directorial film, Raat is a one-hour-long suspense thriller and will be released by the end of this month on UrduFlix. He has written, produced, and directed this film and will be sharing the screen space with his wife Hina Altaf.



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Is Aagha Ali dissing other celebrities?

Aagha Ali was all praise for his wife Hina. He really enjoys working with her said that she is a great actress. In fact, on a scale of 10, he would give her a solid 9.5.

When he was asked why he doesn’t share photos with his wife on social media like other celebrity couples, the actor said that he likes to keep his personal life and private life separate.

“Personal life is called personal life and professional life is called professional life for a reason. I never share any picture with my wife inside my house because i believe my private life should stay private. It’s not that we never share any picture on social media, we share pictures on special occasions like Eid because we are public figures.”


Commenting on why other celebrities are more active on social media, the Mere Bewafa actor said,

“Other celebrities who post their pictures 24/7, maybe they get happiness from doing so. But the thing is that when these celebrities do not get recognition through their work, they try different tactics to get the attention.”

His remarks irked netizens as they felt he straight up dissed other celebrities. Some thought that his comments were addressed to Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir, who are often in the limelight. Others found his words rather hypocritical as Aagha and Hina frequently make vlogs.

Let’s take a look at some comments.

aagha ali

aagha ali



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