Abdullah Qureshi Muses About His Music Journey So Far [Exclusive]

So what does the 27-year-old musician think about the PSL song, Groove Mera?

Abdullah Qureshi

Famous Pakistani singer, songwriter, and music composer Abdullah Qureshi recently sat down for an interview with Lens by ProPakistani. If you want to get to know the Fasana singer a little better, we’ve got you covered.

In the interview, the 27-year-old musician revealed interesting details about the music industry as well as fun facts about himself. Do you know what the popular artist thinks of the infamous PSL song, Groove Mera? No? Well, in this exclusive interview, you might find everything you’re looking for on Abdullah Qureshi.


Abdullah Qureshi


Abdullah released his debut song back in 2012 – the song Tere Liye has garnered over 876 thousand views on YouTube. In the span of 8 years since the songster joined the Pakistani music industry, his fame from singing covers to writing his own songs, and now singing live in concerts around the country.




Currently, he stands with 67.4 thousand followers on his YouTube channel and over 111 thousand followers on his Instagram account. What some consider to be an overnight success was a result of hard work, determination, and his passion for music.

Here’s everything Abdullah Qureshi shared with us:


1. You’re quite popular in the Pakistani media industry, but how would you introduce yourself to someone who hasn’t discovered your music yet?


I would describe myself as a versatile musician. That’s something that I’ve explored over the years because when I started out I was only doing covers and then later on when I started writing my original music, I realized that every song was different from the others (genre-wise). I’ve done pop, rock, country, electronic, classical and so on. So I think “versatile” is the right word to describe myself as a musician.




2. From singing covers to writing originals, and now singing live in front of thousands of fans – you’ve come a really long way. What is the one thing that kept you going besides your love for music?


I think it’s the love that you get from the audience. When someone comes up to you and tells you how your song has affected them, that feeling is out of this world. It doesn’t have to do anything with fame because I’m not fame-hungry at all, I actually feel uncomfortable getting recognized in public sometimes. It’s about the emotional connection that you make with a listener because I remember growing up, I connected with music the same way that people connect with my music today.


3. We all have that song we keep going back to, no matter what. If you had to pick one song that you could listen to for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?


Has to be Gravity by John Mayer.




4. We’ve heard many originals from you- which one is your most favorite and why?


Dastaan. It’s because I feel I’ve put a lot of emotion into it while writing and secondly I love the video. I think Usman Mukhtar has done an amazing job directing it, it’s very unconventional and experimental.



5. Do you have any advice for young, upcoming artists to help them through their struggling phase in life?


Focus on the craft instead of the number of followers. If your work is honest, it will go places.



6. Pakistani music industry has changed a lot over the past decade. What’s the one thing you wish hadn’t changed.


I think the concept of liking and disliking on social media has really messed things up. Back in the days, no one could go and officially dislike a song, either you used to listen to it or you just didn’t. What happens is, even if someone likes something and they see other people disliking it, they end up jumping on the bandwagon.


Abdullah Qureshi


7. On a lighter note, if you could choose between singing for the rest of your life or playing an instrument for the rest of your life, what would you pick?


I’d pick playing the drums for the rest of my life. I know I have a drummer inside of me, I play the drum parts on most of my songs myself and I think if someone had guided me properly when I was a kid, I might have become a drummer.
Also, I don’t like talking to people much, so I find discomfort in interacting with the crowd at concerts, if I was a drummer, I wouldn’t have to do that.



8. Fans really want to know how you feel about the on-going frenzy over this year’s official PSL anthem. What’s your most and least favorite thing about ‘Groove Mera’?


I love it. I think it’s fresh and it has opened up a whole new conversation for the masses, at least everyone knows what “groove” actually is now.
Most favorite thing: Naseebo Laal
Least favorite thing: The hate it received


Abdullah Qureshi


9. Talking about the PSL anthem, we are curious to know why you haven’t collaborated with a Pakistani rapper yet. Perhaps fans could do with Abdullah Qureshi x Young Stunners collab, what do you think?


There is one in the pipeline, wait for it!



10. We absolutely love the anthem for Islamabad United. Although it was released 3 years ago, you were featured in the music video this time. What does that mean to you in terms of your music career?


It was definitely big for me. Representing my hometown on such a level where it’s on TV all the time and playing in the stadiums throughout the series, is truly an honor for me and something that I’m really proud of.


11. What is THE DREAM for a Pakistani artist such as yourself?


The dream is to travel the world and to get my music played across the globe.




The Na Javeen singer is one of the few artists who value the art of music and is not in it for fame. He is on his way to becoming a household name and we’re excited to see him excel even further in his music career.

We can’t wait to find out which Pakistani rapper Abdullah Qureshi will collaborate with! What about you? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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