Is ‘Dunk’ Overdoing the False Sexual Harassment Trope?

Dunk drama serial

Statistically, we know how hard it is for women to come forth with harassment complaints against men. What is the probability of these allegations being false? Based on what drama serial Dunk is showing us, a lot apparently. However, this dissonance from reality is why audiences are losing interest in the serial.

As Amma put it;

“Mein writer se kehna chahti hun ‘Ki matlab ey is gal da?‘” [I want to ask the writer what is the point of this]


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Drama serial ‘Dunk‘ follows the story of a young woman ‘Amal‘ (Sana Javed) who levels sexual harassment allegations against her university professor ‘Humayun‘ (Nouman Ijaz).

As the story progresses audiences feel the false allegations track has been overdone in Dunk. Once her ex-fiance ‘Haider’ (Bilal Abbas Khan) becomes aware that Amal leveled false allegations against Professor Humayun, he takes measures for Amal’s accountability.

Amal ends up getting married to Haider’s brother. Yet she’s using their history to bring Haider down.

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Meanwhile, now we’ll see Amal level false sexual harassment allegations against Haider. Which seems to stagnate the story rather than move towards justice and an ending.

What do you think? Is this trope being overdone? How would you like the story to progress?

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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