Is Mufti Qavi In Legal Trouble For Endorsing Transgender Marriage?

But why though?


Controversial cleric, Mufti Abdul Qavi is in hot waters yet again. This time for his comments on the transgender community. He’s being slammed for endorsing transgender marriage

Although, Mufti Qavi was barred by his family of religious leaders from making public appearances, he made an appearance on a private television channel.

24 News HD reports that it is alleged that in a recent conversation with a private TV channel, Mufti Qavi said that transgender people can get married. This led to someone filing a petition against the Muslim cleric.


Lahore High Court Orders Arrest of Man Over ‘Same-Sex Marriage’

Qavi’s statement did not sit well with lawyer Hafiz Mushtaq Ahmed Naeemi. He filed an application against the Muslim cleric in a session court to register a case against him for his statement. The appellant argues that the objective of marriage is ‘child-rearing’, according to ‘nature and Islam’. Therefore trans-people cannot be given permission to get married.

Additional Session Judge Masood Warraich heard the application. The applicant stated that;

“Mufti Qavi’s statement was ‘unnatural‘ and would lead to open a way for committing sins and spreading vulgarity in the society.”

He said the transgender people do not have the ability to reproduce and requested the court to give orders to register a case against the cleric.

The court has sought a reply from the police in this regard till April 14th.

Mufti Qavi Ready to Apologize

Meanwhile Mufti Qavi’s family claimed that what he said, ‘aligns with the Islamic teachings’. Following the legal action, the cleric told Rohi TV that whatever he has said ‘is also mentioned in the Holy Quran.’ He also asserted he is willing to apologize if he said something wrong.

Mufti Qavi is said to have given a statement that members of the transgender community ‘can tie the knot like anyone else if they claimed to have either male or female abilities’.

Transgender people require gender re-assignment surgery to be more femme or masculine.


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Fatwa on Transgender Marriage

It is pertinent to mention that, Mufti Muhammad Imran Hanfi Qadri issued a fatwa on the request of Chairman of Tanzim Ittehade Ummat Pakistan Muhammad Ziaul Haq Naqashbandi, saying transgender people can get married. The condition was that they still follow some semblance of binary gender system.

“A transman can marry a transwoman and vice versa, but intersex person – people born with physical sex characteristics that do not fit typical binary notions of male or female bodies – cannot marry at all according to Islam,”

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