Is Neelam Muneer’s Qayamat Taking an Odd Turn?

Story of Neelam Muneer’s drama Qayamat has perhaps taken the wrong turn

There are so many highs and lows in Neelam Muneer’s drama Qayamat that one gets absolutely exhausted. In the past month, we loved how the drama had shifted gears and the heroine was seen in a powerful position. She stood her ground and did not allow anyone to mistreat her. However, Pakistani writers don’t like to show heroines in such a light for a very long time. The recent twists and turns in Qayamat have really disappointed us.


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Is Neelam Muneer’s character losing it?

In the latest episode, we see Ifrah (Neelam Muneer) developing a soft corner for Rashid (Ahsan Khan). Although she hasn’t wholeheartedly admitted her growing affection for her husband it is evident through her actions, especially those sly smiles. We see Rashid’s character undergoing a positive change too. He is finally taking a stand for Ifrah, something which he never did before, and is also seen helping around.

Neelam Muneer

However, what we fail to understand is that how can Ifrah forget the fact that it was in fact because of the same people that she lost her dear sister. Can someone forget his/her sister’s death so easily?

Has Rashid actually changed?

On the other hand, we believe that Rashid might not have changed- completely. He still has flashbacks of his former lover, Sana Fakhar. His attitude and actions also tend to be the same. In such a situation we fail to understand that what is Ifrah getting attracted to?

Ahsan Khan

There seems to be another twist in the story because now a new character has been introduced who will probably marry Rashid’s younger brother, Jawad. It’s strange to see how a seemingly new member in the house can so easily target the ‘bahu’ of the house without any problem.

What is wrong with the storyline?

We believe that Qayamat is now being dragged unnecessarily. There are so many characters that are just wandering about such as Jawad, Ifrah’s father, and Sana Fakhar. It now seems like a needless drag and we wonder how will the director save this sinking ship.

Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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