Islamabad: Another Girl Spotted ‘Pole Dancing’ On Busy Road [Video]

Public demands authorities to investigate this disturbing new trend.

A girl in E-11, Islamabad goes viral on social media for pole dancing on a busy intersection road. People demand authorities to investigate the matter as it is not an isolated incident.

Youngsters nowadays are creating new controversial trends that could land them in trouble. Some people like to burn down forest for their TikTok videos, others prefer to “pole dance” on the busy intersection roads!

Recently, a girl in Islamabad caught everyone’s attention when she proceeded to dance provocatively at a stop sign in E-11. The video of the incident is going viral all over social media with people locked in debate.

This seems like a planned campaign to promote or send a message with such sort of activities around the city. People are asking authorities to investigate into the matter because this isn’t an isolated incident.

A while back, another girl in Islamabad went viral on social media for dancing on the side of the road in I-8 sector. The youngster caught the eye of passersby dancing provocatively, even performing a pole dance on the no-parking sign.

The video of the incident went around Twitter, sparking a long debate on the mental state of the individual as people wonder what to make of it.

What do you think is the reason behind these young girls doing “pole dance” on various busy roads in Islamabad? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  1. Someone just got high and start acting like a moron.
    Typical Pakistani stupidity do so much that it can’t digest.

  2. The culture of the west is dominating our society,our youth specially the female like this type of culture.

  3. I think it’s to do with frustration teenage kids are facing nowadays in pakistan they need help and guidance please remember these are children and belong to a family maybe it’s their form of performing arts we need to reach out and help them maybe it’s their way of making money by attracting the general public kids in pakistan need to have a healthy outlet which they don’t as they see too much of frustration and anger around them so let’s with cool minds help these kids out rather then lashing out at them

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