‘It’s Uncomfortable’: Aymen Saleem Opens Up About Her Relationship With Arsalan Naseer

Fans want to ship them together!

The emerging stars Aymen Saleem and Arsalan Naseer have been swooning our hearts with their on-screen chemistry. The duo has absolutely become a fan favorite and people are all over this reel couple that they even want them to be together in real life as well. Recently in an interview, the Paristan star shares her views about the fans shipping them together.

Aymen Saleem is a gorgeous young actress who made her mark in New York before joining the Pakistani showbiz industry. She is the daughter of former cricket legend Saleem Yousef. The 25-year-old has a passion for the showbiz industry, which may have come naturally as she is the niece of the legendary singer Nazia Hassan.

Arsalan Naseer

Whereas Arsalan Naseer started off as a social media star by Comics By Arsalan aka CBA. He became a TV celebrity after his debut drama Chupke Chupke along with Osman Khalid and Ayeza Khan.  The amazing acting of the comedian-turned-actor garnered a lot of praise from all around even from critics.

Arsalan and Aymen

Aymen Saleem and Arslan Naseer made their debut in Chupke Chupke but they are already making waves in the drama industry. Netizens were so in love with their characters that they have made several fan pages where they ship the ‘Hashi’ couple. And after their recent Ramadan serial Paristan netizens really thought that they are a couple in reality as well which made the stars a bit uncomfortable.

Recently in a Q/A session on Instagarm, Aymen clears up the air about her relationship with Arsalan. She said,

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