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Jannat Mirza Accused of Hypocrisy as She Moves to Japan After Supporting TikTok Ban

She has left her Pakistani fans feeling deceived and disrespected.

The Tiktok ban in Pakistan divided the public into groups- while some believe this ban is a blessing, others want Pakistan Telecommunication Authority [PTA] to lift it. Amongst everyone who supported the ban was also Jannat Mirza. She shocked everyone with her comment that this ban was a ‘good thing’. And now we know why she made those remarks.



Earlier, when PTA made the decision of banning TikTok, many media outlets reached out to Jannat who was enjoying a vacation in Japan with her sister. She became the first female celebrity in Pakistan to reach 10 million followers on a social media platform.

In an interview the star said:


In my opinion, this is a very good step because there has been a lot of rudeness on TikTok in the recent past.


Jannat Mirza condemns Adil Rajput's publicity stunt


Her comments were shocking not only because she has a huge presence on the video-sharing app, but also because she sounded ignorant to the fact that many depend on their income through TikTok to survive in this fast-moving world.



Recently, a fan commented on her latest Instagram post and asked whether she was moving to Japan, to which she replied in the affirmative.



When another fan asked her to clarify why she and her sister made this decision to move, Jannat Mirza replied saying:


Because Pakistan is extremely beautiful and good. But the Pakistani crowd’s mentality is not good.



There you have it, those of you who were trying to decipher why Jannat was so ‘cool’ about the ban on TikTok in Pakistan, here’s why. She has decided to move to Japan where the app is still available. But we wouldn’t count on it for too long, because rumor has it that Japan has been considering a ban on TikTok as well.




Her Pakistani fans who have shown nothing but respect and adoration towards her work are highly disappointed. They’re calling her out for her hypocrisy and for abandoning the people who led her to fame and popularity.

What do you think of Jannat Mirza’s recent comments about Pakistanis and the ban on TikTok? Let us know in the comments section.


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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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  1. Ye to bht achi han naan agar achay log pakistan chortay rahay to baki buray he bachain ga nan pakistan mn.mera mulk bhe acha ha yahan k log bhe achay hain.isay saudia bhaijo ya phir kahin our isay zaroor achay log milain gay

  2. Shotting per jarahe hai aur mairay PAKISTAN ko ya Hum Pakistaniyo ko galat sabit karna kisi ka b kaam nahe hai ok and yeah haq kisi ko b nahe milega , qayamat Tak

  3. Achay buray loog har jagah pe hotay .why are you saying these stupid words about Pakistani nation loog pata nai kyu aisay logon ko sir PE utha laitay Jo society ko kharab kartay hamara Pakistan be acha hai hamaray loog be achay aur umeed hai kabhi Pakistan ap nai aao gi aur aanay ki himmat b na karna agar thori c sharam hai in alfazon k baad.

  4. Inside story seems to be a breakup or something related to an affair. I’m sure someone stood her up or she may have had a fight or it may have occurred multiple times so she’s leaving the country and blaming the people of this country. Which really is a cheap shot. Her instagram response is clearly shows she’s pissed up because of some people or may be one.

  5. Pakistan is good country because the people of pakistani lives here and janat mirza should not take blame on the people of pakistan

    • Hhh he leave pakistan for tiktok 🤣🤣his fans are Pakistani and she say that pakistan people are not good so that mean your fans mind are not acceptable 🤣🤣

  6. I think you are doing right…
    Because agr apko aik jaga py mentally satisfaction nh milta apko us jaga sy move krna chahea because jahan aap rehty hyn wo log apko kbhi bhi apki kamzori bhulaany nh dengy balky har morh py uska tana dengy. Is lea agar apko mentally sukoon chahea to apko move krna chahea… Kash agr mn afford kr lyta to mn bhi move krta because Pakistan bht acha hy lkn yahan k logon ki soch kafi ghatya hy.. Lkn i love my country…

  7. PAKISTAN bura ni h naa e yahan k Log itny Buray hain… actually hum apni mulk ki burayion ko, ghaltiyon ko expose krty hn…hum Kbi Duniya k samny Pakistan ki +vity laye e ni, actually hum ny apny Mulk ki achai ko kbi promote e ni koi b kuch b keh skta h… But jannat is really disappointing me… Pakistan k log bury zrur ho skty hn per Her Pakistani itna Ameer ni h k wo decide kr sky k usy apny bachon ko kis foreign country m rhna h where He & His family will safe…

  8. O hello Pakistan is good country because the people of pakistani lives here and janat mirza should not take blame on the people of pakistan understand

  9. I am big fan of jannat. Lkn un ki is baat k baad ma tou bhtttttttttt disappoint hva hoon. Un ko Pakistani logoon k baray ma aisay nhi bolna chahiya tha jinhoon ny un ko is mukaam py ponchaya

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