Here’s How You Can Follow Your Favorite TikTok Stars While TikTok is Banned

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It’s been a week since TikTok got banned in Pakistan and there has been a lot of discussion around it. While there are some who celebrated PTA’s decision, a lot of social media influencers were concerned about it since it serves as a source of their income.

However, rumors say that PTA is in talks with the TikTok management. Whether it will be unbanned and how soon, no one really knows. What are people to do in the meantime?

Until everything is sorted out and we receive the final verdict, here’s how you can follow your favorite TikTok celebrities on other social media platforms.

Instagram is known as the ‘home of influencers’ and it really lives up to its name. With over 1 billion active users, it is one of the most popular social media platforms.

And the good thing is that you can actually follow your favorite TikTok celebrities from Pakistan on Instagram and still enjoy their wholesome content. So let’s check it out.

1. Jannat Mirza

The most famous Pakistani Tiktoker ever, Jannat Mirza has been in the news recently for being supportive of the TikTok ban. She is currently in Japan.

Instagram profile: @jannatmirza_


2. Alishba Anjum

Alishba Anjum is a Faisalabad-based social media influencer who made her name with makeup tutorials on the internet.

Instagram Profile: @alishbahannjum


3. Toqeer Abbas aka Phoollu

With his astounding and entertaining videos, Phoollu is among the top 10 TikTokers of Pakistan. Phoollu isn’t just an entertainer, but he also gave confidence to the rural and urban people alike with his diverse content.

Instagram Profile: @phoollu


4. Malik Usman

The #famousmolvi goes viral every time he drops a new video. His content is different and humorous and people love watching him.

Instagram Profile: @usmanasim_66

5. Kanwal Aftab

She is just not your average TikTok girl. Kanwal is a host, a model and an actress and there is really nothing she can’t do.

Instagram Profile: @kanwal.135


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6. Pinky Francis

This UAE based Pakistani TikToker has everything that you need. From Bollywood songs to famous dialogues, Pinky Francis can definitely bring a smile on your face.

Instagram Profile: @pinky_j_francis_

7. Reeja Jalani

Reeja Jalani keeps up with the trend and is an active social media as well. Her fan following is huge and people love her for who she is.

Instagram Profile: @reeja_jay.official


8. Zulqarnain Sikandar

Zulqarnain is famous for his comedy TikTok videos. Now that the app is banned, you can follow him on Instagram to enjoy his hilarious skits.

Instagram Profile: @ch.zulqarnain25


9. Pir Ahmed

From slow-mos to monologue videos, Pir Ahmed has got you covered. Not to mention, his good looks are the icing on the cake.

Instagram Profile: @pirahmed_official


10. Areeka Haq

Areeka has made her name in the world of TikTok and showbiz just the same. She is cute, sassy and knows how to engage with her audience.

Instagram Profile: @areeka__haq


11. Sehar Hayat

Sehar is a multi-talented social media influencer. Apart from being an influencer, she is also a model and actress and has collaborated with many popular TikTokers as well.

Instagram Profile: @iseharhayat

12. Nouman Rizwan Khan

Nouman has a unique range of content. Although he makes TikToks on Bollywood songs and funny skits, he also gives you the ’emo boy’ vibes through his Instagram content.

Instagram Profile: @bboyjonty


13. Ibrahim Butt

Ibrahim Butt is one of the top TikTokers from Pakistan and his Instagram content is just as good as his TikToks. You won’t feel disappointed.

Instagram Profile: @ibrahimbutt007


14. Anum Asad

Anum is a gorgeous actress and TikToker and her makeup skills are on point. Follow her now to see some wholesome videos.

Instagram Profile: @anumfayaz786


15. Humaira Asghar aka Dolly Fashion

Humaira Asghar is a professional makeup artist and has her own salon in Lahore. She is funny and creative and you’ll absolutely love her content.

Instagram Profile: @humairaasgharali



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