Javed Sheikh Thinks Yumna Zaidi is Perfect Fit for Her Debut Film ‘Nayab’

Sheikh applauded her portrayal of a young girl who is deeply passionate about cricket.

Renowned actor Javed Sheikh has expressed his admiration for the talented actress Yumna Zaidi, hailing her as the perfect fit for the titular role in the highly anticipated film Nayab.

In an exclusive interview with journalist Maliha Rehman on Gloss Etc, the veteran actor shared his thoughts on Zaidi’s casting and discussed his own involvement in the upcoming project.

Javed spoke highly of Yumna’s capabilities and expressed his confidence in her ability to bring the character of Nayab to life. Sheikh commended Zaidi’s versatility and applauded her portrayal of a young girl who is deeply passionate about cricket. According to Sheikh, Zaidi’s dedication and talent make her an ideal choice for the lead role in her debut movie.

As a respected figure in the industry, Javed Sheikh himself will be seen in a supporting role in Nayab, adding his own expertise and experience to the film. His presence is expected to enhance the overall quality of the project and contribute to its success.

The film, produced by Rumina Umair and Umair Irfani, has generated significant excitement among audiences, particularly due to the captivating storyline and the inclusion of seasoned actors like Javed Sheikh and the Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam star Fawad Khan.

The screenplay, penned by Ali Abbas Naqvi, promises a compelling narrative that blends the passion for cricket with a tale of determination and self-discovery.

Fans of Yumna Zaidi eagerly await her big screen debut and anticipate the chemistry between her and Javed Sheikh on screen. With the backing of a veteran actor like Sheikh, Zaidi’s performance is expected to shine even brighter, elevating Nayab to new heights.

Here are a few glimpses of Yumna Zaidi working on her game.

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