Mohammad Rizwan Offers Namaz on Roadside in the US [Video]

The popular cricketer is in the States to attend a program at Harvard Business School.

Cricketer Mohammad Rizwan has once again won the hearts of fans worldwide by exemplifying his dedication to his religious obligations.

A viral video captured Rizwan stopping his car on the road in the US to offer his namaz, showcasing his unwavering commitment to putting his faith above all else. Netizens have praised the cricketer for his devotion and applauded his demonstration of religious observance.

Rizwan’s act of piety comes amidst his participation in an executive education program at Harvard Business School, making him and his teammate Babar Azam the first cricketers to attend classes at the prestigious institution. The Pakistani cricketers enjoyed their time at Harvard, even inspiring UFC champions Kamaru Usman and Francis Ngannou to take up cricket!

Mohammad Rizwan’s devotion to his faith, coupled with his commitment to personal development, has further solidified his standing as a role model in the cricketing world.

His actions resonate not only with fans of the sport but also with individuals who admire his unwavering dedication to both his religious beliefs and his pursuit of excellence on and off the cricket field.

Rizwan and skipper Babar Azam continue to inspire and motivate their fans. The two were in Boston, Massachusetts to attend the prestigious Harvard Business School. The program, titled “The Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports” (BEMS), focuses on the dynamics of these industries and offers valuable insights for professionals.

The presence of Rizwan and Babar at Harvard Business School not only highlights their personal commitment to continuous growth and development but also serves as an inspiration to their fellow classmates, including esteemed athletes such as Kamaru Usman, Jameis Winston, and Francis Ngannou.

In a gesture of friendship and cross-sport bonding, Babar Azam gifted his Gray-Nicolls bat to Francis Ngannou. Babar shared the photo on Twitter with a caption that humorously pondered the idea of Rizwan and himself exploring other sports.

The conclusion of their time at Harvard Business School was marked by a farewell picture capturing a diverse group of participants from various athletic backgrounds.

The photo featured Rizwan and Babar alongside celebrated athletes like UFC champions Francis Ngannou, Kamaru Usman, and NFL star Jameis Winston.

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