Jemima Goldsmith Disappointed With Imran Khan, Again

PM’s first wife, called out Khan’s problematic remarks in his recent interview… once again.

Jemima Goldsmith - Imran Khan

Yet again, Jemima Goldsmith is disappointed with the man Imran Khan has become.

The last time the Prime Minister of Pakistan made rape apologist comments, Jemima Goldsmith asserted;

“Not the Imran I knew.”

At the time Netizens had demanded that PM Imran Khan apologize for his statements.


7-Year-Old Momina Larik Abducted, Raped, and Killed in Khairpur

As the PM reiterated his stance in his recent interview with Jonathan Swan, much like the rest of us, Jemima Goldsmith called out the victim shaming.


A few people asked Jemima Goldsmith to not bother trying to get through to people that support the patriarchy. Their attempts are deliberate and aim to preserve the status quo.


Some Try to Defend Imran Khan and Fail

Some people tried to defend the Premier’s statement with ‘statistics on how rape rates are higher in the West’. Netizens were quick to call out how many instances of harassment and even sexual violence go unreported in Pakistan because of the culture placing the blame on women.


Truth is, turning a blind eye to the problem is how the situation is exacerbating as cases of men raping corpses, and animals have emerged.

Rape culture in Pakistan is so rampant that social workers and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Member of National Assembly (MNA), Shandana Gulzar revealed that according to research 82% of rapists in case of women and minor girls are their own family members.

She revealed that these victims are taken to illegal abortion clinics to preserve the family ‘honor’ rather than taken to police stations to report the crime. The Parliamentarian has for long advocated for the cause. Yet she says;

“If the government was willing to address these causes of rapes, then the society will evolve and resist the male-dominated culture that perpetuates crimes against women.”


Imran Khan Slammed For Being Rape Apologist, Again [Reactions]

When the head of government continues to perpetuate excuses such as clothing to resort to victim-blaming, the responsibility for the crime is taken away from the actual rapist.

Despite beliefs, such as ‘men cannot help it and control themselves’ being perpetrated in Pakistan’s patriarchal society, the government rejected a bill calling for the chemical castration of child abusers and sex offenders.

Do you think ‘rules of nature’ seem to change in order to preserve the power dynamic of our patriarchal and tribal society? How do you think these problematic statements will affect PTI’s vote bank largely comprising of progressive Millenials?

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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