Jemima Goldsmith: Lived in Pakistan For 10 Years, My Children and I Are Half Pakistani

jemima goldsmith

As Jemima Goldsmith hit the red carpet of the International Film Festival in Toronto, she recalled her ‘Pakistani identity’.

The heiress-cum-filmmaker was there for the premiere of her movie ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It‘. At the TIFF red carpet, Jemima Goldsmith talked about how she’s shown a fusion of Pakistani culture and customs with Western culture in her film.

On the same note, she mentioned how she and her children are half Pakistani. When asked about her inspiration behind the movie she said;

“I lived in Pakistan for ten years, and my sons were born there, … I came to Pakistan when I was 20 years old and left around 30; my sons and I are half Pakistanis.”

While the movie is inspired by the characters she met in the country during her stay, it is not at all the story of her life in Pakistan.

Additionally, Jemima Goldsmith had announced to auction the private screening of her movieWhat’s Love Got To Do With It‘ to help the flood victims in Pakistan. She tweeted that the money collected from the private auction of her movie will go to donations for flood victims in Pakistan.

Former prime minister Imran Khan married Jemima Goldsmith when she was 21-years-old, and he was 43-years-old. Throughout his political career, the couple and their two sons lived in Pakistan. Unfortunately, a political smear campaign took a toll on their marriage. Imran Khan and the Goldsmith heiress later divorced so he could stay in politics.

The couple parted ways and the children went to stay with their mother in London.