Junoon is Dedicating Their Comeback Tour to Kashmir

Junoon’s Salman Ahmed speaks out.


Pakistan’s pioneering Sufi rock band Junoon is dedicating their upcoming concert to Kashmir. The rock band will be performing in London’s SSE Arena, Wembley on August 25th and in Leeds on August 26th.

Junoon decided to dedicate their performance to Kashmir after India revoked Article 370 in the Muslim-majority state. The disputed Himalayan region has often served as a source of tension between nuclear-armed rivals Pakistan and India.

Junoon’s lead guitarist, Salman Ahmad made the announcement via a tweet. He says that as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, he is inclined to do so.

“As a UNGWA I am dedicating August 25 #Junoon rock concert in London to #Kashmir.”


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For Kashmir

The UN Goodwill Ambassador made it a point to emphasize the suppression of human rights in Indian Occupied Kashmir right now.

“Its silenced millions incarcerated in their own homes require humanitarian assistance,”

The guitarist listed the Indian government-imposed curfew for adding to the humanitarian crisis in Kashmir. Salman Ahmed pointed out the blatant oppression of millions of people in Kashmir.

“Kashmiris have been silenced and held captive inside their own homes.”

Salman Ahmed pointed out that his craft was his activism and that this is him doing his part for Kashmir. He drew attention to how human rights and rule of law are endangered in the valley.

“Their health, safety, and freedoms are at greater risk with each passing day. Music, poetry, arts, and culture is my activism and a powerful force for social change…….Human rights and the rule of law informs my world view — both of which are at risk in Kashmir.”


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The Junoon Comeback Tour

The “Junoon – The Comeback Tour,” will feature their all-time greatest hits by Junoon. The band will perform the tracks that made them famous worldwide.

Now the band has come together once again for Kashmir. They have the honor of being the only Pakistani band to have performed in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

“Junoon is the first and only rock band to have performed in Kashmir. We dedicate our London, August 25 show to the brave people of Kashmir. Hai jazba junoon to himmat na haar!”


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Back in 2008, Junoon performed live in Indian Occupied Kashmir beside Srinagar’s Dal Lake.

After an ‘electrifying’ performance in Karachi on the birth anniversary of Pakistan’s founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, last year, Junoon has reunited again.