Karachi Police Digs Up Pavements Near Tea Shops ‘to Prevent Kidnappings’

Is tea time over?

Chotu Chaiwala

If you are a Karachiite, chances are, you might be a tea fanatic. This fact of life is not lost on inspiring tea entrepreneurs, who are ready to roll out of the red carpet for your tea-time escapades.

Shops such as Chai Shai, Chai Wala, Chotu Chaiwala, Chai Dhaba, Chai Master (you get the point) have sprung up in DHA Karachi to cater to the Awaam’s need for tea and socializing.

Looks like Tea Time’s over?

However, a cup of tea may prove to be deadly. Just a few weeks back, 19 year old Dua Mangi was kidnapped outside a tea shop situated in Bukhari Commercial Area on November 30th, while her friend Haris Fatah was shot and wounded, trying to defend Dua. Fortunately, she was released a week later on December 7th by her kidnappers.

Cases of similar nature have put law enforcement authorities on alert.


Kidnappers Demand $0.25 Million for Dua Mangi

Business Woes

Due to the tragic kidnapping of Mangi, the police has taken ‘strict action.’ Their solution? Dig up the outside grounds surrounding tea shops, with heavy machinery and shovels. The authorities believe that by preventing tea business owners in DHA from placing tables and chairs outside their cafes, they can curb cases like Dua Mangi’s.

The police also delivered a stern warning that violators will be arrested. They further cited that all shops must be closed by midnight.

These new restrictions have gotten business owners in a frenzy, claiming it would be extremely impossible to operate their businesses in light of these new rules. Adding to their woes, their rents go from Rs 200,000 to 250,000 for their shops.

To add insult to injury, there are hundreds of employees who earn their daily wages at these tea shops.

“It’s unreasonable to axe businesses rather than to provide security for citizens” maintained a shopkeeper.


Two People Arrested in Connection with Dua Mangi Case

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