Karachites Share Stories of Getting Mugged by ‘Kind Robbers’


Karachites have to deal with so many issues and unfortunately, one of them is the disreputability of the city for its street crimes. Whenever we are in a debate with a non-Karachite, they try to shut us up by saying ‘Karachi is dangerous’. And while it is true to a certain extent, the city has so much more to offer, say, ‘kind-hearted robbers’. We know you are confused, but hold your horses, here are some really interesting stories about how it’s like getting mugged in the city of lights.

It all started when a Twitterati shared his ‘favorite Karachi story’.

“My favorite karachi story is still this guy who works for me had his motorbike stolen at gunpoint in korangi. the guys who stole it gave him a ride back home on his motorbike, before riding away with it. brilliant. we’re just good people in this city.”


Karachites share bizarre mugging incidents

The tweet instantly gained attention and soon, Karachites rushed to narrate their stories of getting mugged by kind robbers. One Twitter user shared how the muggers were kind enough to leave him with a rickshaw fare,

“I was once given 50 rupees rickshaw fare after being mugged and the driver was told not to charge extra.”

Another Karachite shared,

“My chachas office got robbed and he told them his begum was going to be really pissed if he didn’t pay the doodhwala on his way home so they left him with 1100 rs.”


But there were ‘professional robbers’ as well.



All jokes aside, Karachi is a great place to live. Well, occasional robberies and mugging incidents do take place as many other cities in Pakistan, but it has so much more to offer as well. Do you want to share any funny mugging incidents with us? Share them away in the comment section.


via Express Tribune

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