Katrina Kaif Introduces Her ‘Bhaiya’ And Now Fans Are Super Curious

So who is this mystery bro?


Bollywood’s superstar Katrina Kaif’s latest Instagram post made her fans very curious and eager to know more about the person she introduced as her ‘Bhaiya.’

Katrina’s admirers became very desperate and turned to search engines in an effort to know more about this unfamiliar face. After all, here was a person who Katrina lovingly called as her brother, but here’s where it gets interesting.

According to Wikipedia, Katrina Kaif has seven siblings. These include her six sisters Stephanie, Natasha, Christine, Isabel, Sonia, Melissa, and an elder brother named Michael Duran.


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Then who is this Amit Thakur, her ‘bhaiya?’

Here’s What Happened

She captioned her post:

भैया (bhaiya) and me ?



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Its not just her fans who are curious about this new guy. Even celebrities started asking questions about him.

Director and Producer Farah Khan asked Katrina about him saying:

Who is this cute bhaiyya?


Here is the Answer

To quench the curiosity of her fans, Katrina did not keep the identity of secret for that long.

Apparently the man who is mentioned in the above post is Amit Thakur. He is a hairstylist by profession.

Amit is Katrina’s hairstylist and he even styled Katrina’s hair in the film Bharat, in which she sported a permed hairdo.

Amit Thakur captioned his Instagram post:

What an amazing experience it was creating this look for her …
Also my favourite song from the film is out at 12 pm today #chashni ❤️❤️❤️ #mua @artinayar
#hair @amitthakur_hair
#styling @veerakapuree
#curlynaturalhair #curlyhair#curlyhairstyles #curlytexture#katrinakaif #salmankhan



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Katrina is celebrating the success of her recent film Bharat, which also features Salman Khan. She is currently working on Rohit Shetty’s Sooryavanshi which will be released on March 27, 2020


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