Ken Doll Shuts Down Online Troll With a Savage Punjabi Response [Video]

You don’t mess with Ken.

Pakistan’s first Ken doll, Adnan Zafar clapped back at an online troll who told him to go a lady’s salon.

Adnan took to his Instagram to ask his followers for recommendations on the best gents’ salon near Emporium Mall in Lahore. However, amidst the flood of suggestions and positive comments, one netizen decided to make a snide remark, seemingly poking fun at his appearance that some perceive as being too feminine.

Unfazed by the troll’s comment, Adnan decided to clap back in a manner that showcased his quick wit and linguistic versatility. Ditching his posh accent, he responded to the troll in Punjabi, delivering a savage response that left netizens in splits.

The always sassy Adnan Zafar asked the insecure troll if he was worried about hisĀ bajiĀ being in the saloon. Ken then told him to watch himself otherwise he would get smacked silly by him.

It is safe to say that his choice of words and tone were enough to shut down the troll and put them in their place. Adnan’s ability to handle negativity with humor and grace only further endeared him to his loyal fan base.

The incident serves as a reminder that even in the face of online trolls, Adnan Zafar remains unapologetically himself and is not afraid to embrace his unique style and personality. His ability to respond to negativity with a touch of humor is a testament to his confidence and resilience.

As an influencer and model, Adnan Zafar continues to inspire his followers to stay true to themselves and not be deterred by negative comments.

With his charisma, style, and now, his clever comebacks, Adnan Zafar continues to captivate audiences and prove that being true to oneself is the best response to online negativity.

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