Shagufta Ejaz Thinks Noor Zafar Fits The Phrase ‘Naach Na Jaane Aangan Terha’

The veteran actress called out her ‘Mere Damad’ costar for being unprofessional.

Renowned actress Shagufta Ejaz has called out Noor Zafar Khan as being unprofessional and someone who tends to deflect blame rather than accept her mistake.

Shagufta dropped this bombshell during the talk show Chocolate Times, where the host Ayesha Jahanzaib asked her which actor fits the phrase, “Naach Na Jaane Aangan Terha”. The veteran actress did not want to name names, but the rather loud and obnoxious host kept insisting until Shagufta had no choice but to single out her former Mere Damad costar.

It is to be noted that Noor abruptly quit the popular drama serial Mere Damad in the middle of the shoot, forcing producers to cast Washma Fatima for the role.

During the interview, Shagufta Ejaz acknowledged that it is not uncommon for individuals to find it challenging to admit their faults. However, she firmly expressed her belief that there is no harm in acknowledging and taking ownership of one’s mistakes.

The revelation about Noor Zafar Khan comes amidst her unexpected departure from the drama serial Mere Damad during its shooting. The sudden exit of Noor Zafar Khan had a significant impact on the drama’s progress, despite its initial success.

The role was subsequently taken over by Washma Fatima, leaving fans and the production team surprised and curious about the circumstances surrounding the abrupt change.

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