Khairpur Teacher Exposed As Serial Rapist in Viral Video

These people are not human beings.

Sarrang Shar, a retired teacher from Thari Mirwah City in Khairpur is allegedly a serial rapist targeting his students. Despite multiple FIRS against him in the past, it took a viral video to finally expose him as a child predator.

Sarrang had been freely destroying lives until a video went viral on social media of the retired teacher. In the video, he was seen sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy at his tuition center in Thari Mirwah City.

The backlash led Khairpur Police to finally take action against him. Under FIR No 105/2020 which was registered with Section 377 of the Pakistan Penal Code, the police launched a manhunt against him. The complaint was lodged by the father of the child.


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Express Tribune reports that the father was devasted that a teacher, who people entrust their children, was a child predator. Since Sarrang Shar ran a tuition center, he had easy access to minors.

Most often predators are people that the victim and parents know and trust. That’s why it’s so important to teach children about warning signs and reporting such behavior.

“I was horrified to see the video, … A teacher is supposed to build his students’ careers but this one destroyed my child’s life.”

Police still failed to arrest the accused child molester and people have come forth with more allegations against him.

Two years ago, Sarrang was accused of several other rapes, with one even involving a child. We are now looking at an accused serial rapist and child molester.

Although FIRs were registered against him, he remained a free man.

It is alleged that influential people ensured that action was not taken against Sarrang. Shar’s son, Aslam Shar, is Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Khairpur district vice-president.

Upon being questioned by the media, PTI Khairpur VP said that:

“I cannot say that the person in the videos or photos is my father, … I am trying to contact them and will provide updates when I get home.”

Advocate Raza Hussain, a lawyer who had highlighted the matter on social media, said he would register a case in Karachi as well. According to The News, Advocate Waqar Phulpoto and Advocate Tarriq Mahesar said that the FIR against Sarrang Shar was not strong.

They said that cyber-crime sections should have been included and the FIR should be under the Child Protection Act. According to Advocate Raza Hussain, Sarrang Shar had also been involved in child pornography.

“He forced his students to engage in sexual activities with each other and made videos of them.”


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Meanwhile, SSP Khairpur Ameer Saud Magsi said he had directed for more sections to be listed against the accused rapist to ensure his arrest. Meanwhile, the Thari Mirwah Police registered another FIR for sexual harassment of a child on the complaint of the father.

DIG Sukkur Fida Hussain Mastoi asked people with evidence against the accused teacher and his associates, to provide the police with that evidence.

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