Shocking: Lahore Grammar School Didn’t Take Action Against Pedophile Staff For 4 Years

Highly disgusting behavior!

Lahore Grammar School

Some Pakistani schools have a strange way of dehumanizing students and turning them into obedient robots. However, recent revelations about Lahore Grammar School 1A1, which is an all-girls school, prove that our education system still has a long way to go. A storm of stories shared by former students suggests the school has a long history of employing and enabling pedophiles, sexual harassers, and bullies.

According to former students, the school administration, including actor Omair Rana’s wife Maira and Rubina Shakil (the Head of A Levels) did nothing to help the students getting harassed by their teachers. To make matters worse, they resorted to victim-blaming, telling students to dress appropriately, instead of taking matters into their own hands.

The incidents reported by students brought forward the following names: Zahid Warraich, Umer Shareef, Shehzad Irshad, Aitezaz Rahman, and none other than Omair Rana. Many have taken to social media to reveal evidence against these men.

Horrifying Accounts of Abuse

Let’s take a look at what the former LGS 1A1 students have to say:


Exhibit A

The cases against Aitezaz Rahman, the debates teacher at the school, suggest that this man not only sexually harassed and took advantage of underage girls, but also intoxicated them by force.









Exhibit B

Zahid Warraich was also one of the teachers who preyed on young girls and made them uncomfortable and unsafe, to say the least.



Exhibit C

The following incident reported by former students of LGS 1A1 suggests that Umer Shareef, another teacher, was also part of the misogynistic culture at the school.



Exhibit D – Omair Rana

It is alleged that actor Omair Rana, despite his wife being a part of the administration, was also a part of this toxicity.




School Culture

Despite numerous complaints against the teachers, young girls were left at the mercy of these predators. The administration did not do anything to ensure a safe environment – instead, they snatched the students’ right to free speech.







A wake-up call

While the school failed to take action in the approximately 4 years that students tried to voice their concerns, it seems like it took a social media storm for them to suddenly ‘realize’ their moral values. After the news became viral, the school fired all the teachers in question.



This comes as a wake-up call for schools all around the country. It is their responsibility to provide their students with a safe and secure environment.


A letter by the head girl

The head girl of 2018-2019 took to Facebook to describe what it was like for the student council at LGS 1A1.


The Social Media Storm

Everyone took to social media to condemn the behavior of the faculty members as well as the administration of the school.








The school’s decision to take action and introduce an anti-harassment policy came at the cost of hundreds of girls losing their innocence at a very young age.


Despite there being a debate of why and how the school finally fired pedophiles, we are glad that the former students were brave enough to speak up. Their act has saved many girls currently studying at Lahore Grammar School 1A1, from getting sexually harassed.


LUMS Students Recount Horrific Accounts of Sexual Harassment


  1. Yes , I am so so proud of u girls from I A I to come out with such a force , well done and these bastards should b put behind bars for life , and the Admin should b banned for life

  2. Shahbash beta, you are really brave. I am proud of you. We should all teach our kids specially daughters to speak up if any incidence like this happens to them.
    Lastly my humble request to my daughter like girls “beta Deen main kamyabi aur hifazat dono hain”.

  3. I think such people should be punished hardly. Proud of you girls. Salute to you. Allah Pak tum girls ko apni hifz o Aman main rakhey.

  4. We have 2 teach our children to be vocal against such incidents.
    How many children suffered due to hushhhh behaviour.I am really proud of those students who came ? forward.hatts off to all of u