Khalilur Rehman Gets Angry and Abusive on Talk Show [Video]

What happened here?

Marvi Sirmed - KRQ

Another day, another epic meltdown on a Pakistani current affairs program. Sometimes a news program can’t help but turn into a soap opera, or worse. Recently, Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar lost his cool with activist Marvi Sirmed on live television. And now people want to know – why was the controversial playwright on a panel discussing a social issue to begin with?

On Neo TV’s ‘Aisha Ehtisham Kay Sath.‘ the issue of Lahore High Court’s petition to ban Aurat March was being discussed. The panel experts included journalist-cum-social activist Marvi Sirmed, Senator Maulana Faiz Muhammad, and KRQ.

While KRQ was speaking about the obscenity of ‘Mera Jism Meri Marzi’, the screenwriter lost his cool. He went from hurling abuses to open threats to Ms. Sirmed.

Amid all this chaos rather than ask the KRQ to leave, Senator Maulana Faiz Muhammad asked Marvi to ‘let the man finish speaking‘.

The show host later stated that she could not condemn the abuse and sexism them and there because she was in shock. Perhaps that may explain her reason to let the show go on.

However, it is pertinent to mention here that it doesn’t make sense to invite someone who doesn’t have expertise on the subject to address women’s issues on live TV.

Its no wonder that Marvi Sirmed and her supporters are now calling for a ban on KRQ.

There are also calls for PEMRA to step in and ban KRQ.

The journalist community certainly stands with her. Meanwhile, a few celebs also came out to condemn the industry’s ‘star writer’.

Mahira Khan expressed concerns about how the writer’s ‘harmless fantasies’ escalated to verbal abuse rather quickly.

She even encouraged those speaking up for their rights to not stoop to the level of the aggressor.

Filmmaker Nabeel Qureshi pointed out how problematic it is to allow this attitude to be projected through television. Not the ‘positive image’ you’re striving for.

Ammara Hikmat seconded what Nabeel Qureshi had to say.

Meanwhile, journalist Rabia Anum was even ashamed of how Geo Network recently signed a long-term contract with KRQ


Simultaneously there are a plethora of men young and old, lauding KRQ for what he did. They obviously fail to understand the legal implications of the issue.

Sirmed’s supporters are taking the legal route in all this and are signing a petition.