Khawar Riaz Has the Internet Buzzing With Magical Transformation of a Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper to model!

After the jaw-dropping transformation of the brazenly handsome chai wala (tea-seller) Arshad Khan, the maestro Khawar Riaz gave us yet another magical transformation that went viral all over the internet. The MUA choose a good-looking salesman of the clothes shop, Janas Khan, and moved his magic wand to turn him into the breathtaking handsome model.

Take a look!

The celebrity stylist and photographer took to his social media account and shared the picture which caught the traction of netizens. He captioned,

Transformation of the day (its all about your daily routine..proper diet, regular workout and organic lifestyle can do wonders. It’s a complete hard-core effort.)

featuring @janasdurani as new wave

Before Khawar Riaz, many other makeup artists has also done this transformation thing and made the fans truly go nuts with their amazing expertise in styling and photography skills.

About Khawar Riaz

Khawar Riaz

Khawar Riaz, an icon of the fashion world, has introduced and groomed many models from ordinary backgrounds and turned them into celebrities. He is a stylist and a photographer and is called a “wizard with a camera.”

Khawar Riaz is known as a star-maker and has been influential in making several careers Zara Sheikh, Farooq Mannan, Ahmed Butt, Arooj, Imran Abbas, Amina Shafat, Danial, and the list of stars made by this star maker is endless.

Khawar opened “Ocular” the first-ever registered modeling agency in Pakistan. He has received many awards for his efforts in the fields of the fashion industry. Khawar Riaz has also contributed to the film industry, some of his contributions are Waar, Heart Talks, and Tere Pyaar Mein.

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