Killer Surgeon Who Operated On Umer Sharif’s Daughter Placed on Exit Control List

The transplant surgeon is allegedly involved in illegal organ trade.

Pakistan’s renowned comedian Umer Sharif suffered a great family loss as his daughter Hira passed away recently. The transplant surgeon for Umer Sharif’s daughter, Dr Fawad Mumtaz, has been placed on the Exit Control List (ECL) by recommendation of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

According to sources, the FIA case has been registered against Dr. Fawad over his alleged involvement in the illegal organ trade in the black market. The transplant surgeon was reportedly running an organ trade network in various parts of Punjab.


Tragedy Strikes: Umar Sharif’s Daughter Passes Away Due to ‘Illegal’ Organ Transplant

It is important to mention here that Jawad Umar, son of comedian Umar Sharif, had filed a complaint with FIA stating that Dr Fawad had charged Rs 3.4 million for the kidney transplant and took his sister, Hira Umer to an undisclosed place in AJK where she developed serious complications a week after the surgery and later passed away on February 18 in Lahore.

Hira had been having kidney issues for a while and was admitted to a private hospital in Lahore. She was reportedly very close to her father, Umer Sharif.

She sadly passed away while her father Umer Sharif was on a three-month tour of the United States. It remains to be seen how the doctor will be charged for his involvement in the organ trade and if Umer Sharif and his family get any sort of justice. Stay posted for more updates.


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  1. I understand the trauma the patients family have gone through and my deepest condolences. Losing a daughter sister or mother is a tragedy and an emotional roller-coaster. The guilty must be punished and there should be scrutiny of the whole case so all those involved get their penance. However I ask the question did the family not know this was an illegal transplant? Surely if I am being taken to the middle of no where for a big massive operation like a kidney transplant I would think twice since there are only limited transplant s
    Centers in Pakistan? Would they have taken the doctor to task had their been no complications? For any illegal activity to flourish there has to be demand? We are as guilty as the perpetrators if we only create noise when we get effected negatively and stay quiet when we benefit. The doctor is not the only guilty party in this.. My condolences to the family. Rest in peace

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