King Charles’ Charity Launches Probe into Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Viral Video

The British Asian Trust, an organization founded by King Charles with a focus on combating domestic violence and supporting mental health and poverty initiatives in India and Pakistan, has initiated an investigation into a widely circulated video involving renowned Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

In the disturbing footage, Khan, who serves as an ambassador for King Charles’ anti-violence charity, is allegedly seen assaulting a man identified as a backing singer in a Houston, Texas hotel room. The video captures Khan striking the victim with a slipper and dragging him by the hair.

The British Asian Trust stated, “We take all accusations of abuse seriously and we will look into this urgently.”

The 49-year-old global music star, who has admitted to the assault, boasts a substantial social media following of eight million and has met King Charles on multiple occasions in his capacity as an ambassador for the charity.

In a series of three videos, Khan is seen engaging in a heated argument with the victim, demanding the whereabouts of his bottle and making threats of violence. The victim, visibly frightened, is subjected to blows from Khan’s slipper, and the altercation continues with Khan hitting the man on his face and head while repeatedly questioning the location of his bottle.

The incident, reportedly revolving around a bottle of liquor according to an anonymous source, unfolds as members of Khan’s entourage observe. In a third video, three bandmates intervene to separate Khan and the victim as they grapple on the floor of the hotel room.

Acknowledging the assault, Khan described the victim as his student and claimed that the altercation was sparked by the loss of a bottle of “spiritual water” given to the victim by a holy man.

Disturbed by the video, the British Asian Trust has taken prompt action to investigate the matter, aligning with its commitment to combat violence and support those affected by domestic abuse.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, known for his vocals in Mel Gibson’s 2007 film Apocalypto, defended his actions after a video surfaced showing him allegedly assaulting a man. Khan referred to the victim as his student and claimed the altercation was due to the loss of his “special bottle of water,” a spiritual item for which the victim took responsibility.

In Pakistan, the British Asian Trust disclosed that it has trained 160 teachers to identify mental health issues in students. Khan, celebrated as the greatest living singer of Qawwali, a genre deeply rooted in the poetry and music of Islamic mystics (Sufis), continues to serve as an ambassador for King Charles’ anti-violence charity.

The British Asian Trust responded to the incident, emphasizing the gravity of abuse accusations and committing to an urgent investigation. As an organization dedicated to combatting domestic violence and supporting mental health initiatives, the British Asian Trust remains vigilant in addressing such matters.


  1. He’s an overrated singer. His current status is largely attributed to his late uncle. In any case, he’s a drunk as this isn’t his first video where he can be seen under the influence.