Kinza Hashmi Explains Why Bushra Ansari Gets Annoyed With Junior Artists

The ‘Mohlat’ star opened up on why senior artists like Bushra Ansari get annoyed with junior actors

Kinza Hashmi

Kinza Hashmi shared her experience of working with Bushra Ansari and Asma Abbas in Geo TV’s latest drama serial Mohlat. In a recent interview, the actress also explained the reason why senior artists are not very welcoming of junior actors.

The actress recently made an appearance on Gup Shup With Fuchsia. She talked about her career and shared her experiences from the sets of Mohlat.

She said both the senior actors, Bushra Ansari and Asma Abbas are really nice and they often crack jokes to lighten up the atmosphere. Speaking about Bushra Ansari, Kinza said that she is a great mentor as well.

Kinza Hashmi would feel extremely nervous to perform with her but she actually quite enjoyed her company.

“It was not easy to perform in front of Bushra Aapa but she is so caring, friendly, and fun-loving that we used to miss her whenever she wasn’t there with us. She used to keep everyone’s mood so light and fresh on the sets.”


She also mentioned why senior actors get offended by juniors. According to her, it’s when the young lot don’t come in prepared for their scenes. They don’t memorize the lines before the shoot and it really annoys our senior artists. Thankfully, she didn’t experience anything like that because Bushra Ansari was very helpful and sometimes even gave her suggestions to convey the dialogues in a better way.

“While shooting for the scenes with her, I used to get so nervous because Bushra Appa and other senior artists don’t like it when the juniors come in prepared for the shoot. They sometimes get offended when juniors don’t memorize their lines or don’t prepare well for the scenes. But she [Bushra Aapa] helps and guides me a lot during the shoot and suggests which expression will suit better for the scene.”

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