Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course Goes Viral for the Wrong Reasons

Was it aliens? Or was it something else?

Lahore Gymkhana

Some mysterious holes showed up all across the Lahore Gymkhana golf course. The pattern of equally sized circles burnt into the golf course greens, look just like crop circles. Did some aliens from outer place land there?

Its time to let conspiracy theories go to rest. Those crop circles you see? Turns out it was just ‘daigs’ (giant cauldron-like pots) left out in the pristine golf course.

A former member of provincial assembly (MPA) Irum Azeem Farooqi shared the sight. Oddly this really is something you will only see in Pakistan. We guess for some people, food comes before play. Perhaps in that context, whoever decided to sabotage an expensive golf course for some biryani could make…. sense?

Even though we can agree that biryani comes above all, killing greens for it is unacceptable. Why cook a meal on the golf course?


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What we do know is that Lahore Gymkhana now boasts more than the previous 18 holes championship course.

People mused over the ‘whole’ ordeal. When you think of it besides the crop circle theory, they could potentially be footprints of some monsters.


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Others found it amusing.


Things went array when someone suggested ‘they should have made pulao’.



More About Lahore Gymkhana’s Golf Course

Lahore Gymkhana claims they maintain the oldest golf course in Pakistan, saying that its as old as the 19th century (they played golf back then?).

Spread over 85 acres, the golf course has hosted many international tournaments. Quite a few leading international players have won laurels while competing at Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

It’s very unfortunate that such a resource was sabotaged for some biryani. Let’s hope they fix the greens before the upcoming Quaid e Azam Amateur Golf Tournament.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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  1. So unfortunate how the traditions and Gymkhana culture has been destroyed systametically over the recent past. From a Private Club it has been converted into a “Food Street”. This incident is also the result of this “new culture” at the Gymkhana, whereby emphasis is now on pomp & show & “Melas” rather than dignified functions.

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