Lahore Police Arrest Youngsters Engaging In Aerial Firing

Three of the seven culprits have been apprehended.

Police authorities in Lahore have apprehended three youngsters who decided to fire their weapons in the air. According to details, the individuals involved in the dangerous activity were shooting a video for social media.

What is it with people and their obsession with firing their weapons in the air. A common trend in rural areas, aerial firing is considered to be a way of celebrating an event. Although people condemn this dangerous activity, deeming it a criminal offense, people continue to take part in it — especially in weddings or political rallies.

aerial firing

Things are only getting worse as this trend is becoming popular among youngsters or TikTokers, who engage in aerial firing in a urban areas.


This Viral Video of a Couple Doing Aerial Firing is Dangerously Reckless

Recently, police took action against a group of young men who uploaded their aerial firing on social media. Three of the seven youngsters have been arrested after a video they posted went viral on the internet.

According to police, these seven individuals engage in aerial firing at their home in Lahore’s Harbanspura neighborhood. This incident created fear among the local residents of the area.

The video these youngsters showed on their social media accounts showcased their immaturity and recklessness as they fired aimlessly into the sky. The culprits used automatic guns and pistols, while Punjabi songs could be heard playing in the background.

Police have consequently identified the men and arrested three of the seven who were seen in the viral video. The weapons used in the video are also recovered from the detained individuals.

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Written by Sher Alam


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