Pakistani Teen Accidently Shoots Himself While Making TikTok Video

An avoidable tragedy.


Another teenager accidentally killed himself while he was messing around with a gun for a TikTok video. How are teens still being allowed to get their hands on firearms?

The teenage boy accidentally shot and killed himself while shooting a TikTok video in Sikandarabad yesterday. The 17-year-old had access to his father’s licensed firearm and pulled the trigger while holding the gun to his own temple.

Not knowing how to handle the pistol, the teenage boy had not taken out the magazine, emptied the bullet chamber, or even place the safety on.


Pakistani TikToker Shot Dead While Making Video

Tiktok claims another life

According to Express Tribune, the Sachal police revealed that the family of the boy has refused a post-mortem. The body was handed over to the family after medico-legal formalities were completed.

This isn’t the first time a teen has lost their life playing with a firearm for a TikTok video. The video-sharing platform is immensely popular in Asia. India has contemplated banning the app and many Pakistanis also filed applications demanding that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) ban the app.

Previously on December 29, 2019, a teen boy in the Kharota Syedan area of Sialkot was accidentally shot dead while making TikTok videos with his friends.


His friends have told the police that 16-year-old Ammar Haider accidentally shot himself in the stomach while filming a TikTok video. However, Ammar’s parents claimed that one of his friends shot him intentionally over ‘personal enmity’.

A criminal investigation had been launched into the matter. Prior to that on April 13, 2019 Indian TikTok star Salman Zakir was shot and killed by his friend Sohail while they were filming a TikTok video.


Pakistanis Want Ban on TikTok Thanks to Hareem Shah & Sandal Khattak’s Antics

19-year-old Salman was filming TikTok videos with his friends Sohail and Amir, when the locally made gun in Sohail’s hand went off and the bullet hit Salman’s left cheek.

The teens panicked and delayed taking him to the hospital. When they did take Salman to the hospital, he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

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