Last Episode of ‘Aulaad’ Has People In Tears [Reactions]

Big Bang Production’s ‘Aulaad’ remained a super popular drama on our TV screens.

Big Bang Production’s Aulaad remained a super popular drama on ARY Digital. No wonder, the drama serial’s last episode had so many reactions on social media.

Directed by Aabis Raza the drama serial followed the story of an elderly couple and their children. We see the children sideline their parents as they go on to focus on their own family life. While the entire drama was tearjerker, the last episode will have you balling your eyes out.


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People are in awe of the incredible acting by the whole cast. Not to pick favourites but Marina Khan and Muhammad Ahmed as the elderly couple were perfect.


Everyone took away the moral lesson here. We all definitely spend more time with our parents after watching this?


However, some people don’t agree. We cannot deny there are many dysfunctional families out there. Our attachment styles do depend on how our parents teach us to love. Yet, many people are still having a guilt trip over ever mistreating their parents due to Aulaad.


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In the last episode, we see the children find their way back. They confessed their wrongdoings, and ask their parents for forgiveness. Despite their attempts at reconciliation, the parents tell them it’s too late for redemption.

While some Netizens feel most parents would have given in and forgiven their children, forgetting the death of a child is not easy. Simultaneously the drama highlights the problem with brothers being ‘guardians’ for their sisters rather than encouraging autonomy of all children, not just sons.


How has this drama serial affected your relationship with your parents? Do you make more efforts to make them feel appreciated after watching the last episode?

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