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Aiman Khan Asks Everyone Not To Share Photos Of Her Daughter

Certain moments in her life should be off-limits.


Aiman Khan is furious yet again, as pictures of her newly born daughter have spread like wildfire across social media over the last two days.

The pictures were reportedly leaked by someone on social media without the permission of Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt.

Normally, we’d say that celebrities are public figures and that every facet of their life, by extension, becomes part of the conversation. But sometimes, in our zeal and fanboyism, we often fail to realize that these celebrities are human as well.

If a celebrity signals that they need a certain moment of their life off from the glare of cameras and social media, we should try to accommodate them, within reason. Case in point, Aiman Khan and her newborn daughter.


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Aiman Khan Appeals to Everyone

Earlier, Aiman Khan had posted her first picture with her daughter but without showing her face to the fans. This is the only picture that the actress felt was suitable to show to her fans.

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Aiman and Amal♥️

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Just hours after that, our first look of the new member of the Butt clan reportedly came from a leak. The picture spread across the internet especially on Instagram.

Twin sister Minal Khan was also seen commenting on fan pages on Instagram. Minal requested these Instagram fan pages to delete the picture.

Despite repeated requests from the family, Instagram fan pages and some media outlets are still sharing the reportedly leaked picture.

Before this, pictures from Aiman’s baby shower were also leaked. The actress took to Instagram to express her displeasure regarding the violation of her privacy.

Aiman wrote that it was a family event and pictures were not supposed to be shared on social media like this.


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“This was a very private event between me, my friends and my family. Thank you very much to whoever invaded my privacy and posted our pictures without my consent, my beautiful day ended in a bad mood,” Aiman Khan had written.

Written by Arslan Khattak


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