Lisa Ray Has a Real-Life Lesson for Troll Who Called Her ‘Too Old’

The actress is educating society not schooling a troll


In the age of social media, trolling is inevitable. Celebrities often get the worse end of this deal. Hollywood Bollywood Lisa Ray had to face one such troll recently as well.

All celebrities deal with the trolls in their own way. Recently someone trolled Lisa Ray for her age and got owned by the Bollywood actress.

Silence can be moving but what we like most is when trolls get a dose of their own medicine.

Here’s How Lisa Ray Silenced a Troll

Lisa Ray recently posted a picture of herself chilling in Toronto.

As it happened, a troll commented that the actress was ‘too old.’

Lisa Ray’s Response

This is when Lisa had some words of wisdom for someone who had just mocked her. Here’s what she had to say:.

Lisa put out a reply for all to see.

Usually, we say that time will make you wiser. It took this guy a total of one reply.

The troll realized his folly and soon apologized for the comment.


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Lisa had something to say about this too.

The actress went on to further school the guy on it’s not just his opinion that she’s addressing. This wise woman took this opportunity to educate her followers about respecting women’s place in society.

Lisa Ray is Still Acting

You can check out Lisa Ray’s recent project. The actress was featured in an Amazon Prime Video’s web series, ‘Four More Shots Please!’.

The Bollywood damsel is married to Jason Dehni and the couple has twin daughters Sufi and Soleil.

Did you know that Lisa Ray also featured in the music video for Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Afreen Afreen?


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